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The Company Announced the Construction of a New Pharmaceutical Production Base

In 2021, the company announced the construction of a new pharmaceutical production base, covering a total area of 150 mu, with a construction investment of 800,000 yuan. And has built 5500 square meters of R&D center, has been put into operation.

The establishment of the R&D center marks a significant improvement in our company’s scientific research strength in the field of medicine. Currently, we have a high-level research and development team composed of 150 professional and technical personnel. They are dedicated to the research and production of series nucleoside monomers, ADC payloads, linker key intermediates, Building Block custom synthesis, small molecule CDMO services, and more.

With this pharmaceutical production base as our foundation, our company will actively explore market demands, continuously develop new products, strengthen market promotion, and push for greater achievements in the pharmaceutical industry.